Your company is only as agile, connected and secure as its networks are. But making changes to your networks can feel risky, since improving security often means harming connectivity and vice versa. Even still, if your networking approach is inconsistent or labor intensive, it’s probably time for a change.

The old tried-and-true network approach is fragmented, labor intensive and inconsistent to operate—and it’s costing your company the lead.

Digital transformation is a great way to get ahead in today’s hyper-competitive world. But doing it successfully requires a new approach, combining agile, direct-to-cloud connectivity, strong security anywhere your systems touch the internet, and the ability to control and manage it all efficiently.

Yet these factors are in constant fluctuation, which complicates how networking executives connect and protect their highly distributed enterprises. We’re told the answer is to keep piling on more point products, but more boxes equal more overhead, more complexity and, ultimately, more risk.

Neither agile nor efficient, today’s “industry leaders” aren’t really leading at all. They embrace the status quo with fragmented network capabilities that are labor intensive and inconsistent to operate and manage.

Your network must adapt or risk falling behind your more nimble competitors—your greatest risk is simply standing still.

Enterprise-grade SD-WAN connectivity


Cloud applications are changing everything, even the way enterprise networks are structured. Interactive apps like Office 365 require fast, direct connections to the internet. Without them, they can overload traditional “hub-and-spoke” networks, which send traffic from remote stores or branches back through central offices on private links like MPLS.

Buying larger, more expensive lines doesn’t solve the problem. While MPLS offers high quality, it often comes at a steep price. Commodity broadband technologies like cable, DSL and even cellular wireless are frequently easier to obtain, provide higher capacity and less expensive.

Managing direct-to-cloud broadband connections, especially multiple links per site, is what SD-WAN is all about. But enterprises that simultaneously execute this across hundreds or thousands of locations are challenged to:

  1. Ensure always-on availability of every site
  2. Optimize application and network performance while leveraging cost
    savings over MPLS

Structure the network to meet future demands, such as the need to rapidly roll
out new sites or new SaaS apps.


Forcepoint NGFW delivers secure enterprise-class SD-WAN, enabling you to deploy and operate connections between more than 1,000 sites from a single console, with advanced high availability that keeps sites running even in the face of failure or upgrades.

  • Lower Costs – Uses commodity broadband connections in place of
    expensive MPLS lines
  • Greater Capacity – Combines multiple internet links for higher productivity
  • Higher Availability – Stays connected even if a link goes down or a device
    gets damaged
  • Faster Speeds – Takes advantage of the latest technologies, boosting user
  • Quicker Deployment – Brings new sites online without waiting for carrier
    provisioning delays
  • Greater Agility – Changes connection configurations, policies and even
    software in minutes

Security that doesn’t get in the way


Everyone has, at one time or another, struggled with security systems that seem to cause more problems than they solve. You want strong security, but it should never come as a trade-off for connectivity and performance. Instead, they should work together and stay unnoticed by the end user.


Forcepoint NGFW takes security to the highest levels, without the hits in performance and reliability that you’ve been forced to accept in the past. It combines the top rated security on NSS Labs tests with high performance and unsurpassed availability. Our SD-WAN, firewall and intrusion prevention solutions work seamlessly with cloud-based web security and CASB services to provide unrivaled protection for users and data as they move about the internet.

  • NGFW – Top rated security with excellent cost of ownership on NSS Labs
    NGFW test
  • IPS – Pioneering anti-evasion defenses deliver top rated security on NSS
    Labs NGIPS test
  • VPN – Drag-and-drop setup enables even complex configurations in
  • Encryption – Granular control of encrypted traffic protects businesses
    while preserving privacy
  • Proxies – Mission-critical security safeguards sensitive networks and apps
  • Human-Centric Approach – Immediate insight into user actions from
    endpoint through the cloud

Ease of deployment and operation


If you’ve had to stitch together a patchwork of point products, you understand how much management time and complications it can add to your operations. This manual approach often leaves gaps and makes it more difficult to troubleshoot issues within the network.

Organizations need to be agile and able to make changes quickly to take advantage of new opportunities and respond to challenges. Disparate, overly complex systems ultimately get in the way, waste time and drive up operating costs.


Forcepoint NGFW is built specifically for true, centralized manageability, even at enterprise scale. It allows network and security operations teams to roll out new locations without sending IT staff onsite.

Forcepoint NGFW’s smart policies make it easy to turn sophisticated business processes into accurate networking and security policies that can be deployed and updated to every location in minutes. Its interactive dashboards offers instant visibility and control across your entire network, so you can identify what really matters and respond to incidents and requests for network changes in minutes, not hours.

  • Zero-touch Deployment – Roll out new sites without sending IT staff onsite
  • Smart Policies – Implement powerful business processes in a concise,
    maintainable way
  • Updates in Minutes, Not Hours – Push policy changes and software
    upgrades with a click
  • Interactive Dashboards – See across your entire network to identify issues
    and act immediately
  • Uniformity Across Deployments – Physical, virtual and cloud solutions all
    work the same

Future-proof agility and flexibility

A Human-Centric Approach

More than just a connectivity and security solution, Forcepoint NGFW is part of the Human Point System, our comprehensive security platform for protecting users and data wherever they come together—on endpoints, in networks and in the cloud. The Human Point System takes a new, human-centric approach to security to reduce complexity, increase productivity and help you achieve any and every business initiative.

  • One Platform, Many Solutions – SD-WAN, edge security, VPN connectivity,
  • Integrated Virtual and Cloud – Protect VMware, AWS and Azure the same
    way as physical networks
  • APIs for Integration – Comprehensive RESTful APIs tie into your existing
  • Human Point System – Apply network behavior to human-centric user
    and data security

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