Modernizing applications is crucial for enhancing user experience and responding to marketplace needs. This e-book addresses key challenges, offers best practices and introduces a cloud-based solution to enable your modernization journey.

Many organizations today are making application modernization a top priority. Whether apps serve customers, partners or enterprise employees, organizations want to introduce new features and capabilities that will improve the user experience. They also want greater agility for the future to better respond to marketplace changes and evolving user demands.

The cloud plays an essential role in modernizing apps. In the cloud, organizations can:

  • Standardize on app architectures that enhance agility and facilitate innovation
  • Capitalize on advanced cloud-based services ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to blockchain—to implement cutting-edge features
  • Better support mobile use cases and a dispersed user base leveraging the cloud’s geographic flexibility
  • Enable IT groups to automate administrative functions, shift their cost mode to a usagebased model and gain more cost-effective scalability

Transforming existing apps into cloud-based apps can seem daunting. Some organizations see the process of modernizing existing VMware workloads as potentially costly, time-consuming, resourceintensive and risky.

A few common questions are:

  • What happens if a workload doesn’t run as it should in the cloud? Will my enterprise experience downtime and be forced to spend resources fixing problems?
  • How can we maximize the value of our current infrastructure—including both the hardware and middleware to run our apps?
  • Will moving to the cloud open new security vulnerabilities? – Will we be forced to relinquish control over our environments when we move to the cloud?

Where do you start?

First, recognize that only few organizations move directly to cloud-native apps. Many run legacy apps alongside some version of cloud-enabled apps for months or years.

Second, list and rank all requirements, indicating which are critical and non-negotiable. For example, retaining control of the entire application stack might be essential. If so, you’ll need solutions that enable you to benefit from the cloud without altering your governance policies or jeopardizing compliance with internal or external regulations.

Third, identify the best candidates for modernization. Begin with less complex, customerfacing apps and gradually modernize mission critical enterprise apps. Staggering the modernization of apps can help further reduce complexity and decrease risks.

Fourth, do what makes sense for your organization and consider all support options. A large pool of solutions can facilitate the transition to app modernization and offset many concerns. Research is key!

Exploring IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

IBM and VMware have streamlined app modernization by enabling organizations to extend existing VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud™ platform. With IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, you can take advantage of container-based technologies to modernize VMware workloads and begin to realize benefits quickly. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions offers a path to retain control, strengthen security and lay a robust foundation for innovation – with the benefit of having experts available to enable progress along the way.

Retain control
IBM Cloud automatically provisions servers and provides the VMware virtualization layer in the cloud, but you control the entire stack. Retain root access control down to the hypervisor level, just as it is with your on-premises environment. Additionally, IBM Cloud containerizes your apps, creates microservices and applies the same governance and security policies already in place—all while enabling you to use familiar VMware tools.

Strengthen security
IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions provides the critical tools needed to safeguard workloads and data throughout the app modernization journey. Protect workloads wherever they are running within the IBM Cloud Private Network, and capitalize on additional turnkey security solutions from industry-leading vendors such as F5, Fortinet and HyTrust. VMware NSX-T enables enforcement of network security policies across containers and virtual machines (VMs).

Lay a robust foundation for innovation
IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions gives developers the foundation needed to implement an agile DevOps methodology and bring new functionality to market quickly. Developers can easily draw from a cloud-native services catalog to add new app features that enhance the customer experience. They can revise apps at their own pace and scale IBM Cloud resources as needed.

Experts to enable success
IBM Cloud Expert Services can overcome networking and migration hurdles. They are available to jump-start design and implementation and can be leveraged for on-demand consulting.

Charting your journey

Many organizations begin their app modernization journey with existing monolithic apps running on-premises in a VMware-based virtualized environment. By adopting IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, your organization can get started quickly, without completely rewriting apps.

Before we start

App modernization is vital to staying competitive and meeting evolving user demands. For many organizations, app modernization will be a multiphase journey that begins with lifting and shifting virtualized workloads, continues with containerization and ultimately enables the production of cloud-native apps. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions simplifies the journey by providing access to tools, expertise, security, services, and of course full control of your environments.

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Modernizing your VMware workloads with containers in the Cloud