Custom applications can be migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with minimalre-architecture, re-integration, or business process changes. This results in a flexible and reliable solution that delivers higher performance and agile development at a lower cost than deploymentsrunning on-premises or with other cloud providers. By migrating custom applications to OCI, you can:

  • Achieve superior economics: >3x better price-performance than Amazon Web Services(AWS)
  • Protect yourself with industry-first, comprehensive SLAs for availability, performance, and manageability
  • Support major application platforms, including Java EE, Apache Tomcat and WebLogic Server
  • Use the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for Oracle and third-party applications for a one-click deploy from OCI across cloud management, networking, security, and several other categories
  • Leverage Oracle Cloud Native services for Kubernetes, serverless, and Kafka, in addition to platform offerings such as Integration and Digital Assistant
  • Innovate with the most comprehensive database service options in the industry, including Autonomous Database, that is only available on OCI
  • Leverage Oracle’s “Bring-Your-Own-License” (BYOL) policy to protect your investment in on-premises databases and Oracle WebLogic Protect your data with security-first design from the core to the edge

Move your applications
Gain higher performance, improve scalability, and shift from CapEx to OpEx

Optimize your applications
Reduce manual work with platform services, improve agility with containerization, and
automate your application lifecycle

Extend your applications
Improve user experience with new interfaces, expand app use with new APIs, and increase value with integrations to other apps

Migration scenarios

Depending on business priorities, customers may choose from a few different approaches for migrating on premises applications to the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides reference architectures that support a broad spectrum of options.

Move as Is (Lift and Shift)
This approach makes as few changes to the application as possible. It reduces the chances of introducing differences in behavior, while still delivering the cloud benefits of improved performance from using the best hardware, storage and networking, as well as the financial benefits of moving from CapEx to an OpEx model. This includes overall lower TCO than on premises infrastructure (up to 50% lower), enhanced security, compliance, and >3x better compute price-performance.

Move and Optimize
This approach uses Cloud Native and DevOps technologies such as containers, serverless, and event streaming to refactor the existing application. With Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes(OKE), Oracle’s managed Kubernetes service, it is easy to build highly resilient, scalable infrastructure, while leveraging existing application code. Additionally, this approach can provide greater efficiency through services such as Autonomous Database, MySQL with Heatwave, Infrastructure-as-Code, and security technologies such as Cloud Guard and Security Zones.

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Move and Modernize your Custom and Third-Party Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)