API-led connectivity for government

Government agencies are not immune to the pressure to digitally transform. Executive and legislative leaders see the massive potential for new technologies used in the private sector to support mission objectives and lower costs, and are shaping policy to drive digital transformation in government.

In 2010, Vivek Kundra, then CIO of the US Federal Government, Mulesoft that agencies must “implement cloud- based solutions whenever a secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud option exists.” And while cloud adoption has still been slow, initial successes from agencies such as the GSA and the USDA are increasing the pressure to adopt cloud solutions.

Similarly, there has been an increased push for open government, as signified by President Obama’s 2013 executive order making open and machine-readable data the new default for API-led connectivity for government information. The increasing exposure of data creates opportunities for agencies to leverage that data to improve mission execution.

The technologies underlying digital transformation have enabled organizations to engage with their stakeholders in new and innovative ways. These technologies, notably SaaS, mobile and IoT, have dramatically increased the number of endpoints to API-led  connectivity for government to. Where once an organization may only have had to consider its internal systems, it must now consider an exponentially larger set of endpoints inside and outside the agency. For example, financial payment transactions previously carried out by checks, are now transacted by an expanded set of channels including telephone, online, and mobile banking.

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API-led connectivity for government

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