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Considering the range and volume of cyberattacks that organizations face daily, a disjointed cybersecurity strategy can’t offer the required level of protection. Since 2016, Fortinet has provided an alternative approach — the Fortinet Security Fabric collaborative cybersecurity platform.

The Fortinet Security Fabric brings together the full range of security technologies to provide protection across the entire digital attack surface for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Engineered for collaborative operations and enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI), the Fortinet Security Fabric enables a high level of automation and visibility to reduce the operational burden of managing a complex cybersecurity environment.

The Security Fabric is supported by a single source of threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs, ensuring that it can evolve to meet the challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Essential Guidance

Ransomware attacks are causing disruption throughout the EMEA region and the rest of the world. The cost in loss of business and revenue can be more damaging than the ransom itself. With an ever-expanding attack surface, businesses need to develop a complete security strategy to protect themselves.

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Building Ransomware Resilience

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