Countering Ransomware with HPE + Veeam

Countering Ransomware with HPE and Veeam Summary

Data is the heart of everything we do. Together, HPE and Veeam help safeguard data to ensure it’s always on and always protected, and businesses are able to rapidly and easily recover should a situation arise from human error to malicious attack and know more about the Countering Ransomware with HPE + Veeam


3-2-1-1-0 backup rule and SureBackup

Good backup hygiene is critical to protecting against all threats. Veeam strongly recommends the 3-2-1-1-0 rule of backup. Three copies of your data (one production and two backup), two different media types, one copy offsite, one copy offline, air-gapped or immutable and 0 errors with SureBackup recovery verification.


Veeam ONE

Veeam ONE is a powerful monitoring and analytics tool for your IT environment. By leveraging real time monitoring, Veeam ONE can see when a virtual machine, or host, is displaying behavior consistent with files being encrypted by ransomware. If this occurs, Veeam ONE will raise the alert and take action Countering Ransomware with HPE + Veeam.


HPE Storage Snapshots

HPE storage snapshots are read only and cannot be encrypted by ransomware. As a result, using HPE storage snapshots on HPE Nimble and HPE Primera storage provides an additional layer of protection against malicious threats.

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Countering Ransomware with HPE + Veeam

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