Enhanced Ransomware Data Protection by Veeam

ABSTRACT: Ransomware attackers have increased the frequency of their assaults—sometimes targeting the backup infrastructure itself—making backup and recovery more vital than ever. That’s where the combination of the portfolios of Veeam software and Pure Storage can help. Together, they are delivering a fast, scalable, feature-rich solution for backup, recovery, ransomware prevention and remediation.

Market Landscape

Among organizations surveyed by ESG, 15% say they can tolerate no downtime at all for their mission-critical applications. And 42% say their mission-critical applications must be back online in one hour or less see Figure 1. RTO is of the essence. Similarly, on the RPO front, 90% cannot tolerate more than one hour of lost “mission-critical” data (RPO<1hr).

During the current health crisis, protecting data became especially vital as organizations started experiencing more frequent cyberattacks. In fact, maintaining cyber security continues to be the top IT pain-point related to supporting work-from-home employees. That situation is in part the reason why 26% of IT managers surveyed by ESG also report that their organizations will be spending more on data protection going forward to Enhanced Ransomware and Data Protection with Veeam and PureStorage.

Nearly half of PureStorage see fortifying cyber security as a business issue driving technology spending. More than one third view either cyber security or public cloud usage as their top IT priority for 2021.5 They are also updating their BC/DR plans to include processes and protocols in the event of a future mass work-from-home mandate. Updating BC/DR plans represents the number-two priority for IT organizations in regard to supporting return-to-office transition efforts.

They need a modern backup solution—one that is simple, highly scalable, and highly performant to deliver on Data Protection with Veeam and PureStorage SLAs. Of course, it also needs to address recoverability needs, especially ransomware remediation.

The Veeam and Pure Combination

The combined Veeam/Pure solution offers a couple of options based on which Pure Storage system an organization chooses to use

  • For cost and scale, organizations can leverage the new Pure FlashArray//C as a backup target. In fact, Pure is specifically targeting the new FA//C-40 with Veeam as a low-cost backup target.
  • For higher recovery speeds and/or support of mission-critical applications, organizations can opt for FlashArray//X or the FlashBlade array family.

Veeam software manages the instant point-in-time snapshots through advanced API integrations with the Pure portfolio to provide RPO optimization and virtual full backups. Veeam delivers many recovery capabilities, with attractive features such as Veeam Instant Recovery and particular support for cyber resilience.

To read full download the whitepaper:

Enhanced Ransomware and Data Protection with Veeam and PureStorage

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