IDC identifies how new data recovery increases IT ROI over 280%

Digital transformation demands that organizations put data at the center of everything they do. That makes data protection and availability essential to the success of the enterprise.

With digital tools driving everything from customer interactions to supply chain management, organizations depend more than ever on the smooth functioning of their IT infrastructure. Downtime can be disastrous: Lack of availability of critical business applications costs the average enterprise $649,000 per hour, according to the 2019 IDC Race To Zero research report.

As the volume of data organizations collect spirals upward, the challenges of making the right information accessible on a timely basis while still protecting and preserving it have grown. The demand for availability across digital organizations has taxed legacy backup and recovery systems, making them a drag on business agility.

Complexity is only going to increase. Multi-cloud architectures, which IDC estimates will be used by 93% of cloud adopters, present new challenges to ensuring data integrity as they traverse cloud platforms. Mobile devices and the Internet of Things are also adding to the data sprawl, further pressuring fixed backup windows, and challenging organizations to track and control their digital assets.

Legacy Backup Products Just Can’t Cut It

Legacy backup and recovery systems were built for simpler days when all data was stored on-premises, usually in a small number of known locations. These systems are unable to accommodate the increasing need for data protection across multiple platforms inside the data center, at the edge of the network, and in the cloud.

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How Modern Data Protection Saves Money and Creates Value

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