The Email Threat Landscape 

Email is the primary connective tissue for the majority of businesses. Nearly 300 billion emails are sent every day, many of them containing private information, confidential plans, and financial transactions.

Considering this overwhelming reliance on email, it is a worrying fact that 94% of all cyber-attacks still originate in the inbox.

Spear phishing, impersonation attacks, and account takeovers are slipping past traditional email security tools with alarming frequency. Furthermore, cyber-criminals have exploited global uncertainty around the pandemic to lure users into clicking malicious attachments or links in a tactic called ‘fearware’, as well as targeting the weakest links in supply chains to launch mass-scale fraud campaigns across multiple organizations.

In this era of sophisticated threats, it is critical for organizations to embrace new technologies which can adapt to attackers’ tactics and techniques, and autonomously defend their email environment.
A self-learning approach to email security has become critical in the face of increasingly advanced and fast-changing threats.

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Self-Learning Email Security

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