Meet Mary, the hybrid worker

Work from Anywhere Mary is a sales representative who typically spent half of her time working on the road and half in the office. Her company has just announced their flexible back-tothe-office plan. Mary, along with a subset of her coworkers, will work from home Monday, Wednesday, Friday and come into the office on Tuesday, Thursday.

It’s Monday morning, and Mary begins her day at home by grabbing her morning coffee and cracking open her computer. She needs access to SAP, so the first thing she does is log in to her company’s VPN and waits. Knowing this will take a while, Mary jumps on Facebook and sees an ad saying, “Win a Free iPad.” Feeling lucky, she clicks the ad and signs up for her “prize”. Finally, the VPN connects, and by now, Mary’s coffee is cold. The slow experience frustrates Mary and the various VPN disconnects throughout the day make it hard for her to stay productive. She even had to log an IT Leader’s support ticket. “Tomorrow work will be better,” she thinks, knowing that she’ll at least be at the office. The IT Leader’s Guide to Securing Work from Anywhere.

The alarm wakes Mary up on Tuesday morning and she gets ready to go into the office. She swaps the sweatpants she’s been wearing all year and dusts off her favorite pair of slacks. Mary arrives at the office, opens up her laptop, connects to the corporate network, and gets straight to work. Mary wonders when her new iPad will arrive; however, little does she know that yesterday’s ad contained dangerous ransomware that she has now brought onto the corporate network. As a result, the network perimeter has been compromised, and it’s only a matter of time before IT Leader’s finds out.

This is what IT Leader’s is up against today.How can businesses enable employees like Mary—not to mention the partners, suppliers, and customers who also need access to critical business data—to productively work from any location, while protecting data from ransomware, over privileged access, and data leakage?

Zero Trust Cloud Connectivity

Protect workloads, segment sensitive applications and prevent data loss without virtual firewall sprawl. Zscaler for Workloads provides comprehensive protection to your public cloud infrastructure and applications, making cloud workload security simpler and easier to manage than ever before.  It unifies both build and runtime security for cloud native and home-grown workloads running in any cloud.

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The IT Leader’s Guide to Securing Work from Anywhere

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