The world we live in is an unpredictable place. One day, you could be going to work as normal, chatting with colleagues around the water cooler, and planning your weekend. The next day, everything could suddenly turn upside down.

The global health crisis is a perfect example of how quickly things can change. This pandemic was so world-altering that it practically brought the human race to a halt overnight. Businesses shut down; people stopped going outside. Everything changed.

As we move ahead, looking to rebuild after a confusing and stressful couple of months, it’s important to learn from what we’ve experienced at the beginning of 2020. The pandemic has pushed businesses to their limits like never before. However, it has also opened the door to new opportunities that many companies hadn’t considered until now.

More than ever we’re recognizing that cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions may be the answer to business evolution and continuity.

Explore the value of cloud

There’s been a lot of talk about adopting cloud infrastructure for a while now. Approximately 94% of enterprises use cloud for at least one part of their strategy.1 Unfortunately, many businesses have struggled to become truly cloud native.

The health crisis showed that when the world shuts down, the only way that businesses can continue to operate is from a flexible, cloud-based communications environment. It’s not just continuity that the cloud serves either. Cloud technology could also be the answer to serious budgetary issues. During the pandemic, companies faced a sudden onslaught of new expenses, including:

  • Costs to put new IT and communications strategies in place
  • Expenses for securing and redesigning business premises
  • New costs to ensure that people (customers and employees) remain safe

There’s now an unprecedented degree of pressure on business budgets. What’s more, because the lockdown period led to a state of uncertainty in the economy, many organizations are also dealing with reduced revenues. The norm for leaders now will be to learn how to do more with less.

In today’s difficult economical situation, the cloud has amazing benefits to offer when it comes to things like cost-savings and competitiveness.

For those in search of a competitive advantage in this complex new space, the cloud will be a must-have tool for success. While it’s tempting to try and stick with the technology that you already have in your business when you’re trying to keep expenses low, the move to cloud is likely to be an option for most companies.

We’ve seen for ourselves that in extreme circumstances, the cloud is the only environment that can provide true business continuity for companies struggling to keep the lights on.

If you haven’t initiated the shift to cloud yet, this is your chance.

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