As enterprises migrate to the hybrid cloud because of ever-expanding volumes of data and applications, legacy solutions just can’t keep up.

That’s because traditional storage hardware and data management systems weren’t designed for large amounts of data. The modern enterprise has data scattered across multiple locations (and clouds) that applications must be able to access anywhere, any time. Consequently, valuable data often remains hidden or gets overlooked, straining enterprise resources for complete and consistent oversight.

This can also have a negative impact on the bottom line. A recent survey by Aberdeen found that 80% of the time, business leaders make important decisions based on gut feelings versus decisions informed by hard data.

Scattered data also increases the risk of downtime. In a recent survey, Veeam® found that more than half (54%) of companies have experienced a loss of customer confidence as a result of downtime. And no wonder; nearly three-quarters (73%) of decision-makers surveyed said they couldn’t meet their customers’ expectations for uninterrupted access to data and applications.
Fortunately, cloud management solutions from Veeam and HPE can help enterprises meet their business challenges head-on by making data fully available across the enterprise while also protecting it from loss.
The benefits start with solving the availability challenge.

Harnessing the power of data

As the volume of data generated and used by the enterprise increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect that data and ensure its availability for business users and applications. For example, a marketing department might have trouble accessing customer data siloed in the system of another department, which hobbles business development efforts and the ability to glean insights from the data.

Compounding the problem is data dependence, where applications running on one system depend on data stored on another. In a hybrid cloud environment that mixes private and public clouds and on-premises resources, it’s all too easy to break critical connections between data and applications. This disconnect contributes to downtime and lost productivity.

Disaster recovery (DR) has also become increasingly expensive, complicated, and time-consuming in the emerging hybrid cloud era, especially in the face of rapidly evolving security threats. This is particularly true in the financial services industry, where data literally is money, and downtime and loss of data can have catastrophic effects.

“In a worst-case scenario, losing data could damage our firm’s reputation and put us out of business,” says Dave Pritt, IT infrastructure manager at Saunderson House, a London-based wealth management firm with 2,300 clients.

The legacy backup solution was unreliable and hard to manage, and data recovery was sometimes slow and difficult, says Pritt. The firm then upgraded to Veeam’s Backup & Replication™ solution with an HPE Nimble Storage integration. Now he and his team are breathing easier, thanks to consistent and easy to manage HPE Nimble Storage snapshots and replicas.

Overcoming resource constraints
As the volume of data scattered across clouds and systems increases, it also strains the enterprise resources that manage it. This is another reason flash-accelerated data management solutions from Veeam and HPE have become so critical.

Cloud Data Management™ and storage from Veeam and HPE help this process by streamlining data management, which saves time and frees up resources for more valuable pursuits such as digital transformation efforts.

Take the example of HireRight, which provides tailored screening solutions for employers. Speed is fundamental to today’s hiring process. The faster HireRight can verify candidates’ resumes and job applications, the faster employers can make informed hiring decisions.

“We’re a global company, which means candidates are submitting their data to us 24/7, and employers are accessing our reports that verify data 24/7,” says Elliott Peterson, formerly vice president of global IT at HireRight. “If we experience downtime, we’re doing a disservice to everyone involved, and it affects not only our bottom line, but also our reputation.”

Slow backup and recovery can place HireRight’s IT systems at risk for downtime and may also present compliance challenges.

Together, Veeam and HPE deliver several benefits. A new study from IDC surveyed participants who have deployed Veeam data management software with HPE Nimble Storage with the goal of establishing cost-effective, efficient and robust storage infrastructure foundations.

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