IT managers and senior executives alike are drawn to the promises of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), including simplified management, enhanced security, and reduced costs. But these benefits are not guaranteed, nor are necessarily achieved overnight.

For some organizations, their first attempt at virtualization causes as many problems as it solves. This is particularly true when it comes to end-user performance, management complexity, and high costs. Or, VDI initially functions well, but fails to scale over time.

There’s often a clearly identifiable cause: an inadequate storage system. Typically, this involves legacy spinning-disk systems, but can also be hybrid systems with hard disk and solid-state technologies. Fortunately, there is a solution: smart storage from Pure Storage.
Pure Storage helps organizations—of all sizes and across multiple industries—overcome the most common reasons for disappointing results from a VDI. All-flash storage delivers:
  • Always-on, always fast and always secure VDI, ensuring a consistently superior end-user experience.
  • Effciency with up to 2x better data-reduction rates, lowering capital and operating costs.
  • Effortless storage management, sharply reducing the demands on IT staff.
  • Evergreen™ growth and scalability,incorporating non-disruptive upgrades and
    clearly defined costs known well in advance.

Whether you’re planning a VDI rollout, or have already implemented VDI that’s delivering sub-par results, this white paper will provide valuable guidance—citing actual end-user deployments—that clearly illustrates how deploying flash storage can optimize your end-user productivity and experience with VDI.

Common Causes for VDI Disappointment

The reasons behind a disappointing VDI implementation can be sorted into four categories.

  1. Poor End-User Performance
  2. High Costs
  3. Management Complexity
  4. Dead-End Growth Paths

All-Flash VDI Solves Your Problems

Smart storage arrays from Pure Storage address each of these VDI challenges.

  • End-User Performance
    High performance is the hallmark of all-flash storage technology. An all-flash array from Pure Storage delivers consistent sub-millisecond response times, even during periods of peak demand. That means the best possible end-user experience and an end to support-call complaints and trouble tickets.
  • Cost
    Pure Storage arrays lower capital and operating costs in several ways. Pure’s superior deduplication and compression features result in data-reduction rates often 2x greater than typical alternatives, which means 8:1 or better for VDI environments.
  • Management
    IT managers and staf consistently praise Pure Storage for the simplicity of its installation and efortless ongoing management. Because the management requirements of a Pure array are so minimal, and the interface so intuitive, most customers find they can free up resources and time to handle more valuable projects when they reduce the bandwidth required to handle storage tasks. Managing smart storage from Pure is so easy, it can be handled by IT generalists or virtualization admins and does not require special storage expertise.
  • Growth Path
    Pure Storage removes any doubts about the ability of VDI to scale into the future. With Pure, an organization can start with a small array capable of supporting as few as 100 users with 5-10TB of raw capacity. With the “Love Your Storage” offer, a prospective customer can use a Pure array in a proof-of-concept trial for as long as 30 days, with no obligation, and return it at no cost if not satisfied for any reason.

Smart storage all-flash arrays from Pure Storage can solve many common causes for under-performing VDI deployments by sharply boosting performance and reliability, making storage management efortless, ensuring evergreen expansions, and markedly improving your return on investment. If your organization is considering implementing VDI—or, if you already have VDI but it isn’t meeting your expectations—talk to the experts at Pure Storage.

To read full download the whitepaper:
Realize the Promise of VDI With Flash Storage