Help your customers with a data center buyout and get your commission up front

New Cloud Native App DeploymentsDigital transformation is accelerating rapidly—and partners need allies who can guide them on their journey to the cloud. In fact, the IDC predicts that by 2020, the top four cloud providers will provide 80 percent of new cloud-native app deployments. By then, large companies will also spend 20 percent more on new IT infrastructure in edge locations rather than on hardware in traditional data centers. By 2027, that number will increase to 60 percent.

Cloud migration services partners who are unprepared to meet these market forces will not only miss out on lucrative opportunities; they also risk becoming obsolete. However, those who can overcome critical barriers to vertical growth will be well positioned to help these coveted, large-scale customers transition to the cloud.

Business challenges

Small and midsize partners often lack the resources—both financial and technical— to manage complex cloud migration projects for larger-scale customers, which can prevent partners from winning the more lucrative deals they desire.

With substantial financial investments in existing hardware equipment and staffing, partners worry about disrupting business as usual—and keeping their customers’ data secure, accessible, and compliant. Large-scale migration projects require extensive engineering resources and support, which many small or midsize partners don’t possess in house.

Most large end-user customers are also heavily invested in legacy on-premises data centers or infrastructure. To meet their long-term business needs, they must balance their decision to transition to the cloud with a viable plan to recover value from existing financial investments.

Given the cost and scale involved in these projects, it’s difficult for small and midsize partners to offer customers a cloud migration solution at an attractive price. This leaves the customer to face the challenge of financing complex cloud migration projects and equipment disposition.

The power of DCBO: A win-win for you and your customers

Arrow is your partner in cloud migration services, offering online training, targeted marketing content, financing solutions, and more.

Our Data Center Buyout program (DCBO) is a powerful example of our strength as your cloud partner: This unique program facilitates your customers’ move to a cloud-first strategy while offering you the opportunity to win bigger, more complex cloud migration projects and earn upfront commissions.

In the DCBO program, Arrow will purchase your customers’ data center equipment—even paying cash up front—to help customers recover investments in existing on-premises infrastructure. We offer attractive financing options to help fund cloud migration projects of any size. We empower you to expand your business by offering more of the products and services large customers demand, including Microsoft Azure, to ensure minimal disruption to business as usual.

Another great reason to offer your customers DCBO? As an Arrow partner, you can get up to three years’ worth of partner commissions up front when you sell a qualifying Azure cloud migration financed by Arrow.

With the DCBO program, you can move customer discussions away from legacy hardware and IT infrastructure to offering new business applications, operational efficiencies, and professional services.


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