As IT leadership configures modern data centers to meet skyrocketing demands, they are often forced to balance growth and agility with threats to speed and security. Security remains a top concern, as 1.9 billion data records were compromised by breaches in the first half of 2017.

  • Hackers continue to pose threats with advanced malware, with total ransomware up 250 percent in 2017.
  • Twenty percent of all malware is “fileless” and nearly undetectable by traditional security.
  • Twenty percent of SMBs affected by ransomware are forced to shut down their business operations immediately.

That’s why 55 percent of today’s cybersecurity budget is spent on detection and recovery. While businesses must safeguard their data to ensure 100 percent uptime and protection for both on-premises and cloud IT, they often find themselves compromising flexibility and innovation to remain on budget.

Consider that enterprises overprovision on average by 59 percent for compute and 48 percent for storage;6 yet 62 percent of IT leaders seek solutions that will boost agility, and 61 percent want to deliver services and apps faster. Is it possible to affordably provide the most secure environment possible without relinquishing speed, agility, and opportunities for expansion? With the right mix of Hybrid IT, organizations can put the right resources to work at the right time.

Invest in the Right Mix of Hybrid IT

Invest too little in your technology infrastructure, and employees and end users sacrifice speed and functionality. If you overprovision, you can quickly overspend. While organizations can move some services to the public cloud to offload some stress, the need for tighter security, rapid response times, and greater control raises concerns. The key is creating a solution that can balance the tension between agile solutions and tight security—within a reasonable budget.

Infrastructure That Supports Both Agility and Security

Hewlett Packard Enterprise developed the HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, to strike the balance between agility, security, and cost. In one platform, businesses can rely on a solution that includes 58 percent more storage per server, allowing administrators to update and deploy 10,000 servers in a few minutes.8 Because the servers can store more data and manage more workloads onsite, companies can better leverage the public cloud—saving them money and gaining them oversight.

Agility: Using intelligent automation, HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers can reduce complexity for traditional apps while they increase velocity for more sophisticated ones.

  • Intelligent System Tuning allows IT to dynamically configure server resources to match specific workloads. Tools such as Jittery Smoothing, Core Boost, and Workload Matching allow you to adjust workloads in real time.
  • Scalable Persistent Memory, a volatile, nonpermanent memory, provides additional capacity and supports the most demanding applications.

Security: Integrated with the Silicon Root of Trust, HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers provide protection throughout the infrastructure supply chain, authenticating updates to firmware, blocking installation of rogue firmware, and verifying that firmware comes from a trusted source.

  • Trusted Platform module prevents unauthorized access to the server and stores passwords to authenticate server platforms.
  • Runtime Firmware Verification regularly checks and detects compromised code or malware, informing you of any intrusions.

Control Costs With a Scalable Solution

Unpredictable surges in technology usage can stunt growth or limit performance. Organizations are often faced with workloads that fluctuate based on customer demand. With HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, IT leaders can adopt a pay-asyou-go consumption-based IT model that allows organizations to add capacity in minutes rather than months. With HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, you can better control infrastructure costs based on actual capacity usage. In fact, organizations experience up to a 30 percent reduction in hardware total cost of ownership with the pay-as-you-go-consumption model.

Choose the Right Partner: Ingram Micro

As a HPE Platinum Partner, Ingram Micro helps businesses fully realize the promise of technology—helping them maximize value worldwide. Our vast global infrastructure and focus on cloud, mobility, technology lifecycle, supply chain, and technology solutions helps our business partners successfully serve their clients. Our solutions go beyond distribution—we offer marketing, reverse logistics, and a suite of services to connect you with your customers quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

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