Mobile devices, customer engagement applications, and a robust wireless network are must-haves for Midsize businesses to survive and gain a competitive advantage. Continuously connecting with users and customers anywhere at any time, and leveraging data from network analytics allow businesses to deliver amazing user experiences and to seize opportunities much faster. As a result, the majority of Midsize business IT executives are shifting their focus from “keeping technology running” to leveraging technology and data to drive business growth.

But challenges remain. With Midsize businesses so dependent upon mobile technology, their networks must provide similar performance, security, reliability, and scalability typically found in large-scale enterprise networks. Like their peers in large enterprise, Midsize business IT leaders need the insights, tools and resources to enable their business to react quickly, and the confidence to do things differently. Yet, their networks continue to be deployed and maintained by limited staff with limited budgets and training.


Purpose-built for the Cloud and right-sized for Midsize business, Aruba Cloud solutions deliver simple-to-use networking that saves IT valuable time, but doesn’t sacrifice business-class features needed to maximize technology investments and confidently accelerate business growth. Whether in technology, retail, healthcare, or education, Aruba’s cloud-based wired and wireless networking platform delivers powerful and sophisticated features and security using an ultra-reliable infrastructure that’s easy to deploy and maintain with limited staff.


Aruba controllerless Instant access points and the cloudbased simplicity of Aruba Central allow today’s Midsize businesses to simplify operations and spend more time focusing on delivering business value. Here’s how:

  • Zero Touch Provisioning for Aruba Instant access points are truly plug-n-play. Simply connect Instant APs to power and network, setup and configuration is automatic. No hassle. No expertise needed.
  •  Aruba Central delivers amazing network administrator experiences that simplify management and reduce troubleshooting time to allow IT to focus on accelerating business growth.


Aruba cloud-based networking allows Midsize businesses to meet today’s growing demands for secure, reliable, high-quality user experiences.


  • Aruba Central’s Analytics and Location Engine works with Aruba WLANs and 3rd party analytics to translate collected presence data on Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices, and converts them into actionable business intelligence.  
  • Aruba VisualRF and Connectivity Health gathers network analytics to visually display coverage gaps, rogue devices and detailed connectivity information for simplified troubleshooting.
  •  Aruba’s Guest Wi-Fi delivers a customizable and secure high-quality guest access experience.

Multi-dimensional security:

  • Remote Access Point Intrusion Detection Service (RAPIDS) detects and mitigates rogue APs.
  • AppRF uses deep packet inspection technology and over 2,300 application IDs to accurately filter application and web traffic without additional hardware.
  •  Two-factor authentication uses Google authentication for flexible secure access.
  • Role- and user-based management privileges ensure the right people have the right level of control.


Aruba’s cloud-based solutions are purpose-built and right-sized to deliver simple-to-deploy and use networking that wows users and network admins – without sacrificing business-class performance, security, and reliability. Our networks are secure, effortless to deploy and manage, but still deliver the right features at the right level to enable today’s Midsize business IT to accelerate business growth with confidence. Gartner has recognized Aruba as a Leader in Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure for 13 consecutive years, which is why successful businesses have been able to deploy and rely on Aruba networking solutions with utmost confidence.

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Simple Business-Class Networking Without Sacrifice