As workplaces become more digital, and the adoption of mobile and cloud applications grows, the network and IT staff supporting them must meet the rising demands for secure, high-speed network access. It’s time to embrace the value of the cloud.
Large or small business? We’ve got you covered. Guests that login at all hours of the day? Not a problem. Voice and other bandwidth hungry apps running over your network? We provide you with the visibility and control you need.

Building and maintaining wireless, wired and WAN networks that businesses thrive on should be as simple as using email. Relevant data should be at your fingertips. Basic configuration changes should be easy and accessible from anywhere and at any time. Aruba’s cloud-managed networking is the answer.

Very often, cloud solutions are light-weight and stripped down to a bare minimum to satisfy a checklist. While simplicity is one of the important components of a cloud management service, business-class solutions need to deliver more.
Aruba’s cloud-managed network solution includes Aruba Central, for easy to use wireless, wired and WAN management, along with Aruba’s portfolio of Instant access points, switches and branch gateways. All centrally managed via a scalable, flexible and always on web-based interface.

The strength of any cloud-managed network lies first in the network infrastructure. Aruba’s industry-leading wireless, wired and WAN devices are built to perform, and designed to be provisioned and managed from the cloud.

Aruba Instant APs share the same enterprise-grade security, resiliency and scalability as our Campus access points, with the added benefit of cloud-based management. Integrated controller functions, Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) and ClientMatch technology ensure that your wireless network is automatically optimized for reliability and superior performance.
Aruba Switches deliver both the performance and reliability you need for your growing business, while offering enterprise-class management. Multi-gigabit Ethernet ports, powered by HPE Smart Rate technology, means your network can easily scale as your business grows – future-proofing your investments.
Aruba Gateways provide integrated WAN services for each branch or remote location. They are optimized for cloud services and hybrid connectivity, and designed to deliver the performance, reliability and security required to support the large number of devices now in the workplace. Builtin WAN optimization, granular visibility and application prioritization ensure the best possible performance for business critical applications.
Management and monitoring – the heart of a cloud-managed network
With Aruba Central, everything from setting up the network to monitoring and maintaining it is effortless. Whether managing one site or a thousand remote locations, one interface that can be accessed from anywhere gives you the visibility and control you need. Using zero-touch provisioning, IT can directly ship Aruba Instant APs, switches and gateways to remote sites – where anyone can simply unpack, power up and connect them to the network. Configuration is automatically downloaded from Aruba Central – and your network is up and running in minutes.

Solution Overview Aruba Central
Solution Overview Aruba Central

Once operational, a comprehensive dashboard provides an overview of the network, along with client and application performance monitoring views. Detailed drill-downs help isolate problems and identify rouge devices – ensuring top-notch performance with a few simple clicks.
Simplified monitoring and control of headend and branch gateways through integrated software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) management is also provided. Intelligent workflows provide the ability to look into specific device, policy or circuit configurations to ensure branch performance aligns with business and user expectations.
Also flexible firmware management, configuration templates and role based user policy enforcement makes ongoing network administration fast and efficient.

Value added services and mobile management

Guest Wi-Fi enables branded access for vistors, contractors, or suppliers and is simple and fully customizable. Choose from several registration methods and create mobile-friendly login pages with your logo, custom welcome messages, terms and conditions, backgrounds, colors, and images – or simply choose from existing templates.

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Simplified cloud networking with Aruba central