Can your growing business keep up with the demands of real-time, data hungry applications? If your IT staff is overwhelmed by maintenance tasks and struggling to drive innovation, but can’t seem to find those elusive operational efficiencies to “do more with less,” it’s time to rethink how you manage data storage.

Maximize Your Data Infrastructure Advantage
To get performance and agility that scales, there are six data storage management challenges you will need to solve – and this e-book will show you how.

The Six Data Storage Management Challenges

  1. Bridge the skills gap
  2. Do more with less
  3. Get more value from your data center
  4. The need for budget efficiencies
  5. Unpredictable business growth
  6. The need to protect data (and your company’s reputation)

Bridge the Skills Gap

There are only so many hours in a workday. If you’re not careful, your team will spend more and more of those hours maintaining enterprise storage systems, with less time for strategic projects. You either need to keep hiring, or help your team find new efficiencies.

Make automation work for you. Automation and analytic tools with integrated AI artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help manage ever-growing storage with fewer personnel, resources and human interaction.

Do More With Less

You can’t afford to let increasing storage demands slow your business down. But you also can’t afford the time and cost of setting up new enterprise storage infrastructure.

World-class storage infrastructure (speed, capacity, low latency, high availability) is now accessible for companies of all sizes and budgets. New storage virtualization capabilities even  allow you to get additional value from older infrastructure without having to completely rip and replace.

Get Your Value From Your Data Center

Once routine tasks are under control, you need to keep them under control. But can your infrastructure keep up with accelerating demands and still support new digital transformation initiatives?

Future-proof your storage decisions with scalable, reliable infrastructure. Agility forms a foundation for confident business innovation.

Create Budget Efficiencies

Your staff and infrastructure are stretched, but so is your budget. It’s time to get creative about resource use to maximize ROI.

Adopt technologies that create budget efficiencies. For example, automation reduces operational personnel cost, virtualization improves the ROI of existing infrastructure, and data compression reduces infrastructure requirements.

Unpredictable Business Growth

Data demands on your business aren’t completely predictable, but your business relies on consistent service. Your infrastructure needs a way to flex with demand without breaking the bank.

Shift the way you consume IT solutions and services. Align technology spending with usage and business outcomes to reduce the risk of over- or under-investing in the IT solutions that run your enterprise.

Protect Data

Not all news is good news. You don’t want your business to be on the front page due to long-term outage or a data breach.

Predictable performance, encryption of stored data and guaranteed availability helps protect
your uptime, data and reputation.

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Six Data Storage Management Challenges (and How To Solve Them)

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