Successfully deploy enterprise-wide IT automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Three out of five infrastructure automation decision makers say that automation is one of their organization’s top initiatives.1 Even so, many organizations struggle to progress from task-based automation efforts to enterprise-wide IT automation adoption. Misalignment between senior management and those implementing automation, lack of clear standards and governance, and disconnects between existing domain-specific solutions often impede broader automation initiatives.

Bringing people and processes together on a unified platform can help your organization realize the full value of IT automation. Here are six ways you can use Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform to promote enterprise-wide automation adoption.

Deploy a unified platform

Automation delivers the most value when it is applied to complete workflows. Deploy a unified automation platform that works consistently across your teams, processes, and IT environments and scales to meet the needs of your entire organization. Choose a user-friendly platform that all roles within your organization can use without extensive training.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform uses an intuitive, human-readable, YAML-based language that lets everyone in your organization participate in automation initiatives. Access to certified Content Collections — tested, verified, supported automation code from Red Hat and partners — helps you start new projects faster and more easily. Integrated management tools let you monitor how much automation is used, access and share certified content, and create self-service automation workflows. With a single, supported solution, teams can focus on delivering more value through automation.

Create a cross-organizational automation team

Cross-team collaboration, coordination, and visibility can accelerate your automation initiatives. Create a core team of stakeholders that share automation best practices, experiences, and accomplishments. This team should promote your organization’s overall automation strategy and work with senior management to gain support for these initiatives. Stakeholders should also guide others along their automation journey by helping them to get started with your automation platform and providing reusable content.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform provides built-in auditing and visibility to help stakeholders monitor, promote, and optimize your organization’s automation use. Included with the platform, Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform gives you a visual dashboard, health notifications, and organizational statistics across different teams, making it easier to analyze, aggregate, and report data about your automation environment and determine the return on investment associated with your automation efforts.

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6 ways to promote IT automation adoption across your organization

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