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Technology plays a starring role in today’s blockbuster films, binge-worthy episodic content, and catchy commercials. When creating content for the big and small screens, it’s common for studios to develop entire scenes and characters using computer-generated (CG) techniques.

To achieve such creative wonders, studios and content creators need massive compute power to support terabyte-scale rendering and simulation data. Projects of such magnitude and scale can take days—even weeks—to render with even the largest on-premises farms.

Content creators must also consider and support the realities of today’s project-based creative workforce. Working remotely has become a necessity, so studios are looking to employ a more global workforce to hire the best talent for a project. A global workforce requires an underlying infrastructure that is accessible and performant to meet the rigorous requirements of content production. It’s imperative to have the flexibility to scale up (or down) per project, maximize creative resources, and work as cost-efficiently as possible. While this distributed workforce must be able to access files when needed, those files and intellectual property must also be tightly safeguarded.

Creators are always looking for a competitive edge to deliver faster or squeeze in a few more iterations to improve that shot or scene to meet increasingly higher client demands.

The golden age of content and the demands of modern studios

Viewers are watching more content than ever before. With content delivery mechanisms such as over-the-top (OTT), the rise in quality of episodic content and the competition for audiences has resulted in more original and licensed programming than ever before. Increasing complexity requirements, the addition of mediums such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the way viewers watch, and what viewers watch are all changing, too.

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A fundamental change for digital content creation

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