Think back to the last crippling P1 outage that occurred in your environment.

One of your customers may have called it in. Your teams spent hours on a bridge call with overworked L3s and DevOps teams from every major function to try to get to the root cause. The outage lasted the better part of a day.

What was probably even more frustrating for you was the realization that this was the third time this happened in as many months…

In the last eight years, IT has evolved to accommodate always-on digital services (think hybrid clouds, microservices-based apps, DevOps and SRE models, and everything-as-code). As a result, IT Operations’ effectiveness and efficiency has become critical.. With the Covid pandemic came the acceleration of digital transformation, the shift to remote work and an even bigger spotlight on IT Operations.

With that spotlight comes the need to have best-in-class observability, monitoring, collaboration and AIOps tools, scalable and resilient workflows, the ability to measure the right KPIs, and of course, IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams that possess the skills their organizations need.

Successful operations leaders are realizing that being excellent, or even great, in one of these areas alone is not enough and doesn’t provide protection against frequent, long and crippling incidents and outages.

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A practical guide to IT Ops maturity

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