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Preventing and resolving outages is a major challenge for IT operations

Enterprises of all sizes have been transforming themselves digitally in recent years. In order to compete and grow market share in a constantly changing environment, they have been modernizing their applications, migrating to the cloud, adopting DevOps and SRE practices, and trying to embrace AI and automation.

These transformation projects are creating significant challenges and IT operations teams are feeling the heat like never before.

As a result, their businesses are suffering. Operating costs, performance and availability of critical applications and services, and business agility are all taking a hit.

These projects are complex, last several years and (almost by definition) disrupt the status quo. They also result in an overwhelming volume of heterogeneous IT noise and very little actionable insight, making it almost impossible for human IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams to support them.

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AIOps Event Correlation and Automation

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