Augmenting Human Potential at Scale

Delivering the superior experiences that today’s digital-first customers expect while supporting the needs of your ‘everywhere’ workforce isn’t easy. Investing in intelligent automation solutions enables your business to optimize operations while enabling your employees to deliver the best possible customer service.

With NICE’s integrated platform for automation, you can free your employees from tedious, repetitive tasks like copying and pasting data between applications, post call wrap-ups, verification checks and calculations. Automating these routine, error-prone tasks improves process speed, accuracy and efficiency – while boosting employee satisfaction and engagement.

Leveraging NICE’s automation platform creates better experiences for your employees and customers alike, combining the efficiencies of traditional robotic process automation (RPA) with the power of NEVA, the NICE Employee Virtual attendant.


The global leader in attended automation

Our automation solutions are built on our 30 years of experience in the customer experience domain. We have used our experience to build an enterprise-grade platform that complies with the strictest security standards and has proven its scalability in the largest automation projects in the market.

We’re the global leader in attended automation, drawing on our years of experience in the contact center market to craft solutions that address the complexities of desktop processes. As a strong innovator, we’re also investing heavily in the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

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An integrated automation platform that brings people and robots together

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