B2B Buyer Trends 2022


“We’ve seen two years of digital transformation in two months”. That’s how Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella summarized the accelerated pace of technology adoption across every industry during the pandemic. Setting the stage for a new era of business agility, leaders have expanded their sense of what can be achieved with technology—going beyond cost savings, it’s now viewed as the key to winning the recovery.

With no signs of slowing down, the post-COVID need for more technology is a golden opportunity for SaaS vendors. However, the tech-purchasing process has evolved since COVID-19, ushering in a new era of distributed decision-making.

This new reality puts greater pressure on technology vendors to become more agile and make sure their brand, message, product, and new ideas resonate in a changed buying landscape. Our recent study of 252 IT decision-makers¹ (ITDMs) uncovers the key dynamics of this new era and what’s on decision-makers’ minds.

IT decision makers (ITDMs) share what’s on their minds

Non-IT stakeholders play an increasing role in IT purchasing decisions

While IT continues to hold a large share of the purse strings, software and technology decisions are expanding beyond IT. Only 48% of IT decision-makers say that final IT purchasing decisions are made by a single decision-maker, with the other half requiring a committee or team (52%). In response, IT is pivoting to serve as a strategic guide for purchasing decisions.

With increased pressure to develop technical capabilities, more functional departments outside of IT are participating in the buying process. In fact, 72% of ITDM say that end-users have a say in the decision-maker process and 42% say that some teams have the autonomy to make their own decisions. As business models continue to evolve, SaaS companies should count on engaging more non-IT stakeholders throughout the buying process.

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B2B Buyer Trends 2022

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