Your Guide to Beating the 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Averages

Find out how six global brands are beating the average digital benchmarks with the help of digital experience analytics (DXA).

In our recent 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report, we shared more industry trend analysis than ever before. From online browsing habits and conversion behavior to device preferences and page speed, we analyzed 46+ billion user sessions across 14 industries to show you exactly how your website stacks up against the competition.

Now, we’re taking things one step further to show you how Contentsquare’s digital experience analytics (DXA) can help you build outstanding online experiences that beat the industry average benchmarks and outshine your competitors.

In this ebook, we share six compelling stories of brands who are improving their most important business metrics with the help of Contentsquare. It’s time to show you how digital experience analytics can help you beat the benchmark. Let’s get started…

To read full download the whitepaper:

Beat The Benchmark

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