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Across industries, organizations are digitally transforming to meet growing demands for new services and innovation. And recent world events have only accelerated the pace of change. 86% of organizations are now progressing with their digital transformation initiatives.

Speed and accuracy are critical for success in this new digital world. Your organization must develop, deliver, and manage security-focused applications and IT infrastructure faster than ever to remain competitive.

IT operations teams play a key role in supporting innovation. By streamlining service delivery processes and building the platforms and infrastructure needed for security-focused application development, testing, and deployment, IT operations teams can greatly influence the speed and success of digital transformation projects.

Many organizations adopt container-based environments to support cloud-native application development and deployment. Even so, these environments rely on external elements — like compute hardware, networking, storage systems, and external security and management tools — to operate.

IT automation can help you connect these traditional and cloud-native environments while delivering the operational speed and accuracy you need. No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, IT automation can help you move forward with greater agility, efficiency, and confidence.

This e-book discusses the benefits of combining cloud-native application platforms with IT automation for digital transformation.

Build complete automation workflows for hybrid environments

Automation is a unifying force across people, processes, and technology.

IT automation brings together your platforms, operations, and organizational culture to support collaboration, innovation, and digital success.

 Technology and platforms

Connect traditional, existing, and cloud-native IT environments.

 Processes and policies

Increase operational speed, accuracy, and consistency across your organization. Automatically enforce policies to ensure compliance.

 People and teams

Use a single, human-readable automation language and platforms for collaboration and sharing. Reduce your teams’ overall operational burden, increase user self-sufficiency, and allow staff to focus on more interesting tasks.

To read full download the whitepaper:

Connect your hybrid cloud environment with IT automation

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