Organizations are facing significant issues with driving digital transformation, focusing on DevOps maturation, technological innovation, and new demands from customers. The careful balancing act between these four forces requires DevOps and business leaders to come together to plan, budget and fund resources, and prioritize initiatives based on business and customer value.

Unfortunately, organizations struggle to understand where the best value and customer experience come and to keep stakeholders aligned. These challenges are why organizations are organizing around value streams to provide visibility into development and delivery processes. Organizing around value streams allows organizations to leverage insights into the effective process and adjust their flow toward delivering value immediately. Managing this value stream process is called Value Stream Management (VSM) and is a combination of techniques that continually and holistically optimize the flow and realization of value for a product or service.

VSM-centric thinking requires a focus on the flow of value through the system, with the goal of optimizing time to value for the customer continually. Two popular platforms support VSM: Atlassian’s Jira with Jira Align and ValueOps from Broadcom (“ValueOps”). Previously known as Agilecraft, Jira Align was rebranded by Atlassian after its acquisition in March 2019. The solution integrates with Jira Software, Atlassian’s platform for software development management, which is popular among developers and DevOps staff for managing issue tracking and supporting team coordination in the development of agile software. Jira Align is an agile management solution that provides development guardrails, providing organizations with predefined best practice configurations and supporting the alignment of work to business goals and strategy.

ValueOps from Broadcom is a purpose-built VSM solution that combines business-oriented investment planning and digital product management with agile portfolio management and operations to create a unified platform for delivering digital transformation at scale. By integrating the proven investment planning features of Clarity with the advanced agile management capabilities of Rally software, ValueOps from Broadcom aligns business and IT leaders, allowing them to create and manage consistent value streams that span the enterprise to eliminate friction, accelerate development, and improve both quality and accountability.

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Criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Value Stream Management (VSM) Platform

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