Artificial Intelligence For IT Operations

DX NetOps from Broadcom is a suite of tools for customers ranging from enterprises to large service provider networks. The tools integrate fault management, performance management, and flow analytics capabilities into one solution to provide operational insights across network, cloud, and SaaS applications. AppNeta, also from Broadcom, is a complementary SaaS offering that provides active and passive monitoring of networks, SaaS applications, and cloud services. Broadcom commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact(TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment ROI enterprises may realize by deploying DX NetOps and AppNeta. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of DX NetOps and AppNeta on their organizations.

Data Security Platforms

You can use AI for IT operations (AIOps) to gain operational insights, enhance human judgments with AI-enriched actionable information, and enable positive business outcomes. But to realize these benefits, you’ll first have to select from a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus Broadcom Software. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals should use this report to understand the value they can expect from an AIOps provider and to select one based on size and functionality.

Cloud Workload Security

Prior to using Broadcom solutions, interviewees struggled to monitor their IT systems. Previous efforts to monitor networks, servers, and cloud-based services led to deployment of a patchwork of partially implemented tools. While these tools helped resolve performance issues, interviewees struggled with quickly identifying the root cause of a problem. Using multiple tools decreased the efficiency of the help desk and other technical professionals by forcing them to open various tools and correlate data across them. Without one tool to do correlation and analysis, infrastructure and operations teams additionally had to manage each tool and provide the infrastructure for each solution.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Experience-Driven NetOps By Broadcom Software

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