Lack of IT–OT Security Collaboration

Most industrial organizations experience a lack of security collaboration between IT–SOC analysts and operational teams.

To help ensure business continuity and operational resilience, industrial IT and OT teams should collaborate effectively together, rather than in a siloed manner.

IT–OT Alignment Challenges

Implemented correctly, IT–OT alignment delivers the right data from the operational environment to IT-OT security decision makers—and across your organization to help inform actions for all relevant teams.

But such alignment needs to avoid common pitfalls.

Every aspect of technological convergence must be considered before implementing it as part of your OT security solution.

The right strategy can transform the way you identify and mitigate risks—for the better— that can impact your physical operations.

Plant operations, IT teams, and CISOs should collaborate to ensure business continuity and resilient operations.

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Enhancing Security Collaboration Between IT & OT Teams

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