Over the last two years, the healthcare industry has experienced unprecedented advancement which has left many healthcare providers scrambling to reevaluate their operations. With COVID-19 requiring a new array of legislation and safety protocols, and with remote working changing the workplace forever, finding new and innovative ways to streamline your knowledge management and provide seamless access to communication for your whole team is more essential than ever. From health systems to insurance companies, Panviva is providing personalized solutions to common pain points felt across the industry. By empowering teams with the information they need at their fingertips, Panviva helps healthcare providers worldwide simplify patient scheduling, properly register patients, and increase both financial and operational performance.

Elevating the patient access experience

An outstanding patient experience is essential for anyone in the healthcare sector and has a massive ripple effect into every aspect of your business. With recent trends indicating that patients judge their healthcare provider at every point in their customer journey, each and every point of contact across the revenue cycle has a huge impact on their overall experience. No area is more important than patient access, which is the primary income source in the healthcare sector. Ensuring you are providing the best possible experience at an access level is vital for customer satisfaction and retention and can make or break your reputation.

With patient access at the core function of the revenue cycle in the healthcare industry, responding pre-emptively to the needs of your clients at every touchpoint is essential to securing the longevity of your business in an ever-changing field. This can start as early as the registration and scheduling phase, and includes technology platforms and precise information management.

Making sure your team can access the right information they need when they need it, rather than having to search through large bodies of information, can streamline wait times, reduce downstream denials and increase patient satisfaction at the access level.

Having developed significantly from the days of being a simple clerical job, patient access now requires the ability to use sophisticated solutions, understand complex processes and follow multi-step procedures while maintaining compliance with rules and protocols. Increased regulations, even more prevalent in light of COVID-19, and extensive patient information surrounding medical history, symptoms, and insurance details demand team members handle a great deal of information to ensure each department in the revenue cycle is not negatively impacted. Getting things right upfront is critical to operational efficiency, patient experience and a great reputation.

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