Increased Application Performance

Healthcare service providers can optimize all business applications and prioritize patient critical applications without being constrained by the wide area network. The IT team defines and implements business intent policies for healthcare applications to deliver peak performance. EdgeConnect enables the creation of business intent overlays for every class of healthcare service and then routes application traffic based on the defined policies. This allows continuous access to, and availability of, critical applications such as Electronic Health Records enabling healthcare professionals to access and update them in real-time from any location. With the ‘Digitization of Everything’, EdgeConnect delivers a superior data access experience for clinicians, staff, patients and visitors.

Accelerated Deployment

The network enables full utilization of all available bandwidth, including broadband, and provides uninterrupted connectivity across common cellular signals required for remote and/or mobile emergency telemedicine services. SD-WAN improves WAN connectivity at both new and remote locations by using broadband internet services to deliver comparable performance to MPLS at a significantly lower monthly cost. Eliminating the need to procure expensive dedicated circuits at sites, which can take months to be installed, helps new healthcare centers and applications come online more quickly.

Securely connecting Bio-medical and IoMT devices to end applications

The growing use of medical devices to improve patient care is compromised by the fact that the IoMT devices are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. When cyberattacks are successful, patients and healthcare providers are at risk of care and records disruption. SD-WAN securely connects Bio-medical and IoT devices to the network and isolates the IoT traffic from other application traffic, enabling IT to reduce the possible attack surface that may be exposed to IoMT device traffic. Thus, healthcare organizations can leverage the innovations in patient care offered by IoMT devices and save on security-related costs.

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Improving Care at the Edge

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