At Inventionland Education, we believe the world is full of incredibly creative, intelligent, and innovative people… even if some of them don’t know it yet.

Every person is born with the potential to be brilliant, they just need the right tools to succeed. While people may be naturally creative, innovation must be taught. That’s what we strive to do here every single day.

Inventionland began as a for-hire design company and we’re now the world’s largest private invention factory. Over the years, hundreds of our original products have gone to market, each one using the 9-Step Method. We established Inventionland Education by creating a curriculum for schools across the country to teach our 9-Step Method to the next generation of great minds. Our goal is to allow people to experience creativity in their lives every day, whether by creating an immersive work environment or by empowering students with the tools to take charge of their own education.

We’re able to create a customized design plan based on your budget and the age range of your students.

We’re also able to work with your desired architects and construction teams upon request. Even if you’re simply adding small elements of color and inspiration, it can vastly improve the classroom environment.

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