Learn How to Unlock Value with Modern Digital Pathology Software

Digital pathology has become the standard for labs driving development in life sciences

And while the impact of digitization to date has been significant, life sciences organizations are looking to do even more to capitalize on this digital foundation and drive improvements in their operations. Unfortunately, many of these organizations are finding that the software that helped them transition from glass to digital is unable to support many of their advanced use cases capabilities that will help them make the leap to true software-centric, data-driven pathology research. Stick with their current scannerbased digital pathology software or make the investment in a new, more advanced digital pathology software platform.

Modernize Technology Infrastructure

Moving away from an existing image management software likely means investing in new architecture to support it—some combination of public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises hardware. And when the servers that support an existing system have already been paid for, the decision to invest in a new digital pathology platform might become that much more difficult to justify for Proscia. The true cost of existing infrastructure, however, is often more complicated to calculate. This includes limitations for providing access for your internal and external users to your data and integrating third-party systems to effectively collaborate and for your organization to uncover insights efficiently.

No data storage of end-user workstations

Concentriq simplifies the auditing process and helps prevent data sprawl by not storing any data on end-user workstations or devices. Eliminate lost data and unauthorized edits to original image files. Proscia software supports compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations pertaining to data security and meets the rigorous data security requirements of the United States Department of Defense. Save administrative time and reduce the possibility of mistakes without having to create or manage individual user accounts. Concentriq is designed to provide immediate access to large volumes of images and patient data with minimal latency, and without copying and downloading. Accelerate the research process by catching slides which require a rescan earlier in the workflow, and then presenting these images to reviewers in a way that reduces overall review time


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Learn How to Unlock Value with Modern Digital Pathology Software

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