Airlines are subject to constant change. Increasing competition, technological developments, international policies, and changes in industry practices are transforming the entire industry.

Unexpected events, union movements, regulatory bodies, and competitors also frequently disrupt airline operations. Even internal pressures, including shareholder expectations for growth and profitability, can play a hand in nudging the status quo. Ultimately, these forces result in additional operational costs that can significantly impact the bottom line.

No one knows this better than the people in airline operations departments. Understanding the likely impacts of looming operational changes ahead of time is instrumental to maintaining optimal efficiency while minimizing cost increases and service disruption.

Having the right tools and data to make these complex decisions is critical, and this is where scenario planning makes a big difference. With the right crew planning software, operational planning departments can evaluate a wide range of scenarios to build the most efficient and cost-effective crew pairings before changes occur.

This white paper examines common uses of “what-if” modeling in the airline crew planning context, including negotiating contract terms, responding to new operational realities, understanding the impact of regulatory changes, and expanding the business. Airline-centric optimization software is a critical enabler of scenario-based planning that:

1)  Automates the complex job of building the most cost-efficient legal pairings and rosters by running tests for multiple scenarios

2) Provides solutions faster by executing different scenarios simultaneously

3) Accurately accounts for interrelationships between rules and data

4) Reduces the risk of human errors

5) Explores a vast range of approaches that even the most seasoned planner might overlook.

To read full download the whitepaper:

Managing change in airline operations with crew pairing optimization

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