Media and hard drive destruction

Tapes that are no longer needed. Smartphones that have reached end-of-life. Obsolete storage devices. Laptops that are being replaced. Copiers that are exchanged for newer technologies. These old IT assets have one thing in common: they all contain confidential data that must be protected during destruction and remarketing processes. And they’re taking up space in your facilities right now.

Organizations need a consistent, well-defined process— complemented by proven, secure procedures—for destroying outdated or unwanted IT equipment. Businesses could find themselves at risk of an inadvertent disclosure of secure information. Such a disclosure could lead to resulting fines, sanctions or a damaged reputation if they choose an untrustworthy provider.


The best media and IT asset disposition programs should go beyond the simple destruction of anything that is no longer needed. They must also address, and go to great lengths to mitigate, the impact of the destruction process on the environment.

Driven by government regulations and internal initiatives, organizations are sharpening their focus around how they manage e-waste. They realize that sustainable disposal practices play an increasingly critical role in their ability to support environmental stewardship and uphold compliance obligations.

It’s important to work with a media and IT asset disposition vendor that makes security and the environment top priorities.

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