Navigating the DevOps Skills Gap

A Seismic Shift

DevOps Skills Gap Evolving customer expectations for digital experiences are increasing demands on DevOps teams. To remain competitive today, businesses must deliver a robust digital experience at every customer touchpoint for Quali.

Boardrooms around the world are actively engaged in executing their digital journeys. Consider the following:

  • The global digital transformation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.5% from 2020 to 2025, exceeding $1 trillion in total value.
  • The leading drivers of digital transformation are market pressures, with 51% of companies’ efforts arising out of growth opportunities, and 41% out of increased competitive pressure.
  • Digitally transformed organizations are expected to contribute to more than half of the US GDP by 2023.

DevOps Skills Gap Fundamental to their mission is the development of innovative applications and software products that power digital experiences. To accomplish that, the developers and engineers responsible for building and delivering highly engaging digital software and applications need access to infrastructure that’s growing increasingly complex. They need it quickly. And they need it often.

These trends are changing how organizations view engineering and IT. As the pressure mounts on the organization to deliver high-quality products more quickly, IT is a direct contributor to the corporate strategy. That also means engineering and IT will be held accountable for making that happen.

The need for speed is hitting a brick wall

When it comes to accessing infrastructure, there’s no time to wait. All around you, competitors are leveraging software, apps, and other digital tools to compete in the marketplace. Application release times are critical milestones as Company rush to deliver new products and features for a customer base that expects rather, demand superior, uninterrupted user experience. Anything less, and customer loyalties start to wane.

Frustrated with the wait, some developers may attempt to circumvent DevOps and provision their own environments. But with a limited skillset and little understanding of infrastructure best practices or governance standards, these environments can create security risks, performance issues, and cloud cost overruns.

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Navigating the DevOps Skills Gap

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