IT decisions can shape workplace culture

  • Frustrating onboarding experiences and inconsistent access to apps and platforms can cause remote workers to feel excluded or left behind.
  • When employees find it difficult to get IT support or file a help desk ticket, it can negatively impact how they view the VMware company

In the wake of the pandemic, distributed work has become a viable, long-term strategy sparking new ways of collaborating, innovating, and achieving business goals together Navigating the Journey to the Anywhere Workspace. But reaching a place where work can easily happen anywhere is a journey, with many challenges and opportunities along the way. Let’s explore what it looks like, and how to get there faster.

Location no longer drives business value

• Many companies are adopting a hybrid approach that blends remote and on-site work in many variations.

• People, not real estate, are what make companies great. Attracting and retaining good talent is a top priority.

The way people approach their work has permanently changed

• The ability to work remotely has gone from a perk to a prerequisite.

• Work-life balance is critical, and many people now expect their employers to support both their physical and mental health.

Security extends to the edge

• When security follows apps and devices everywhere, businesses will become far more flexible and capable of expanding and scaling.

• A security infrastructure combined with a Zero Trust approach provides additional protection from emerging threats.

Take the future in stride with VMware Anywhere Workspace VMware provides industry-leading solutions that deliver broader and more effective security, reduce cost and overhead, and help you cultivate highly engaged employees. With VMware, you get a single platform that includes key elements of Unified Endpoint Management, Desktop and App Virtualization, Secure Access and Endpoint Security technologies all from one vendor. Building the future doesn’t happen overnight. With a thoughtful, phased approach, you can lay a foundation for supporting work wherever it happens. VMware Anywhere Workspace solutions help you cultivate trust, engage employees, reduce silos, curtail disparate tools, and more. With an infrastructure and solutions that deliver security and allow for tremendous flexibility, you can meet whatever lies ahead with confidence.

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Navigating the Journey to the Anywhere Workspace

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