3 steps to accelerate IT maturity

Build a partnership between business and IT

To address enterprise-wide challenges, a mutual partnership between business and IT is essential. The vast majority 87% of our financial services and insurance customers have a partnership between technical and business counterparts with jointly tracked KPIs. From digitizing processes to better customer experiences, an integration strategy that serves both IT maturity and business needs means organizations will be better prepared for shifting market demands and developing opportunities. Now, creating a true partnership between these two teams is no accident.

The most successful organizations have a clear directive from leadership to build a shared vision of success. We found that 72% of our financial services customers have executive sponsorship and governance of integration projects. By encouraging a synced strategic vision, leadership is enabling the organization to quickly respond to shifting business conditions and changing customer expectations mulesoft. As banks, lenders, and insurance companies drive toward greater IT maturity, a unified strategy to deliver full digital transformation via an API-led approach is essential for successful business outcomes and better customer experiences.

Increase speed and agility through composability

Composability is foundational to mature IT maturity organizations. Through the use of interchangeable digital building blocks which include APIs, connectors, and other integration assets a composable enterprise moves away from point to point connectivity and custom code, enabling flexibility and a greater ability to adapt to disruption through reuse. We found that over half of our financial services and insurance customers have a network that crosses silos, and most use APIs for shared services, emphasizing the need for reuse in the name of speed and agility.

Power unified banking by integrating data with Financial Services Cloud

Unlock core banking systems Surface account, payment, and loan data from core banking systems rapidly with out-of-the-box connectors and integration templates. Enrich customer relationships Empower bankers to provide personalized service at scale by unifying accounts, relationship networks, and life events. Build customer-centric digital ecosystems by extending Financial Services Cloud with Open Banking APIs.

Unlock EHR clinical data Surface patient data quickly by connecting to any EHR, across multiple sites of care, with out-of-the-box connectors and integration templates. Improve care coordination Provide call center agents with the right patient information at the right time, all from one screen. Extend patient care, anywhere Combine clinical and non-clinical data to build experiences that track a patient’s journey across in-person visits, telehealth, or via an IoT device.

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3 steps to accelerate IT maturity: Healthcare and life sciences

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