Effortless service, happier customers

If the best type of contact is the one that never happens, the second-best kind of contact is the one that resolves itself.

And, for those that aren’t preventable or self-resolving, it’s absolutely critical to have the issue resolved quickly. Put in other terms, the foundation to winning on the customer experience battleground includes proactively identifying and preventing issues and equipping customers with everything they’d need to quickly help themselves. Today’s contact center leader should focus on driving one of these types of outcomes.

The reality for many, however, is that their primary fixation isn’t on proactive prevention or equipping customers well. The main focus of most contact center leaders is reactive service recovery from Nice. They lose the time that they could spend on designing effective systems, Effortless service planning for the future and setting the team up for success to a vacuum of inefficient and broken processes, employee disengagement and cost containment.

Gartner found 70% of customers use self-service channels during their resolution journey.

Flexible visualization capabilities allow you to identify where containment issues are occurring, such as frequent agent transfers. Once improvements are implemented, track changes to see trends and impact over time. Continue to refine self-service journeys as you add new options, providing faster service and improved routing accuracy.

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Effortless service, happier customers

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