Modern networking requirements are extremely complex due to increased network size, volume of traffic, and diversity of devices and applications. Manually configuring and operating these networks has become time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to manage due to the explosion of IoT devices and distributed connectivity from the edge to the branch. Network operators need better insights, and intelligent automation powered by AI that is aware of all aspects needed to maintain a network today.

The Aruba AIOps advantage starts with great AI. We collect over 31 Terabytes of useful data per day, from tens of thousands of installations that range from small stores and offices, to large campuses across all verticals and geographies to form our data lake. Our deep understanding of networking and security technology, and strong team of data scientists then deliver the insights needed to quickly preempt or resolve issues in a fraction of the time required in the past.

This investment in data collection and AI expertise cannot be replicated in months or even years. Vendors with a small customer base are promising insights based on limited data that lacks variety which means the AI results are unreliable. On day one when using Aruba AI, your network is dynamically monitored to form a baseline of operation – from connectivity to the quality of connections. Other vendors require that you manually set service level expectations and reset these values as your network changes.

We call this combination of AI and automation, actionable AIOps. It’s our belief that the next generation of networking management solutions must include built-in intelligence that can only be realized with reliable data and proven results that start with thousands of varied customer installations. These new solutions also need to be comprehensive enough to deliver precision insights to quickly solve individual customer issues, and leverage the data lake to provide useful optimization guidance based on the network insights of others.

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The Aruba AIOps Advantage

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