Enter BigPanda.

Slashing downtime is a core value proposition of BigPanda’s AIOps event correlation and automation platform. How can its potential customers cost-justify this cutting edge investment with Stone Age numbers?

Enter EMA.

BigPanda wanted to take a purposeful approach to the topic of IT outage cost. It retained Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to conduct field research that would provide a more thoughtful basis for talking about modern IT outage costs.

EMA surrounded the specific cost question with other inquiries that give substance and nuance to cost considerations. The result is a defensible (though not definitive) look at the cost, causes, and “cures” of an IT outage based on the responses from 300 global managers, directors, VPs, and executives.

This average can be better understood by looking at its components. EMA first calculated the average cost/minute for five different organizational size categories before adding those averages together and dividing by five. Math explains the appearance of precision in each average. As it turns out, no single category sported the overall average cost.

To read full download the whitepaper:

The modern IT outage: costs, causes, and “cures”

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