Substitute teaching is changing: schools and districts need more subs than ever before and substitute teachers are looking for more flexibility and freedom in their teaching schedule.

To ensure classroom coverage where and when it’s needed most, districts are experimenting with new and innovative ways to find subs and seeking out partners who can help.

At Swing, we’re experts in building sub pools. With 2800+ school partners and 3000+ trusted Swing subs across the country, we’ve helped get classrooms covered since 2015. Through precision recruiting tactics, we cast a wide, yet targeted net, allowing us to recruit from the largest possible pool of qualified subs.

Swing subs are experienced educators and talented members of your community. Equipped with bachelor’s degrees and clean background checks, they are eager to give back to their communities and make a difference in student lives.

A technology-forward approach

Schools are seeking reliable and qualified substitute teachers to ensure learning is on track despite chronic teacher absences. In the past, substitute teachers could be called in on a whim, ready to find out where or what they’d teach in a day-of phone call. However, in today’s gig economy, subs are looking for more autonomy and flexibility when choosing their work assignments.

Swing is the substitute teaching solution for the gig economy. It offers subs a streamlined, technology-forward approach for making substitute teaching a part of their lives. By creating a platform that understands the needs, preferences, and lifestyle of gig workers, Swing can provide school partners with a larger pool of qualified subs that are eager to get into the classroom.

Why today’s subs choose Swing

Today’s subs are looking for a subbing experience that allows them to have more control over the assignments they take. We specialize in finding and retaining classroom-ready subs because we’ve identified what they want and built a solution that meets their needs.

When searching for work, today’s subs are looking for opportunities with the following characteristics they find at Swing:

  1. Flexibility : Substitute teachers want to choose what, when, and where they teach. Swing allows subs to accept assignments in advance and filter requests by location, grade level, and commute times so they can choose the assignments that are best for them.
  2. Variety : Some subs want to teach something different every day while still getting advance notice about the subject or grade they’ll be teaching. The Swing platform, which allows for as much or as little variety as subs want, is ripe for experimentation.
  3. Autonomy : In the past, experienced subs had to sacrifice their own autonomy to make a difference in students’ lives. With Swing, subs remain in charge of their assignments, schedules, and careers.
  4. Meet the types of subs in our pool : Members of your community: Your community is full of talented individuals looking to give back. This group of subs, which comprises a majority of the substitute teachers that work with Swing, bring unique expertise to their assignments. From artists to farmers, they want to help students while maintaining flexible schedules that allow for other pursuits.

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Who are Swing Subs?

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