Think pipelines, not buckets

The enterprise data warehouse is not dead. It just has more friends. From Hadoop clusters to NoSQL databases, the relational EDW is no longer the only officially-sanctioned place for data to reside. This means that the data movement process no longer needs to be centralized around a single location. In fact today a modern data platform is something more like the connective neural tissue joining the hemispheres of an organization’s “data brain.” Combine this with the now-ubiquitous cloud solutions that allow for infrastructure and services to spin up pipeline/ETL projects in hours, and what you have is a recipe for moving data around an organization like never before to tableau modern data environment.

Simply opening up access to data and handing out new software does not solve the bigger problem of actually helping the business make better decisions with data though. IT organizations that have successfully partnered to transition their companies into data-driven decision engines have done so by truly embracing the role of data mentor modern data environment. Often those IT team members that previously controlled the analytics process become the guides for the rest of the company. They have the skills to train others in critical functions such as proper data analysis and reporting. The data they generate is critical to organizational reporting. Integrating data from these cloud solutions and making it accessible to the company has become a standard requirement for IT.

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3 shifts in the modern data environment

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