This white paper provides overview business cases of enterprises choosing to deploy and manage their own on-premises compute and storage infrastructure. These business use cases summarize IDC’s in-depth interviews with Intel, Twitter, and Preferred Networks (PFN) (a deep learning software company based in Japan). All three enterprises are customers of Supermicro, sponsor of the white paper. This white paper explores the benefits these customers recognized by running on-premises IT operations and their long-term IT strategies and challenges.


Digitization of business and consumer services accelerated in the past years, putting pressure on enterprise IT infrastructure already overwhelmed by increasing growth in digital data and information that needed to be processed, stored, analyzed, distributed, and protected. Every business has some form of a digital footprint to deliver its services, sell products, and communicate with its customers. Emerging workloads that help businesses automate operations, expedite product development, enhance customer experience, and boost employee productivity all rely on agile and resilient IT operations. IT departments have a multitude of choices for building such operations while maintaining control over budgets and attracting IT talent to support business growth and transformation.

In this environment, owning and operating IT infrastructure continues to be one of the major areas of investments: IDC estimates that in 2021, half of the spending on server and storage infrastructure was driven by on-premises deployments. Further, IDC expects that these investments will continue to grow in the next five years at a compound annual growth rate of 2.9% and will reach $77.5 billion in 2026.

Leading Technology Company: Efficiency and Sustainability

Intel is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Besides its core expertise in infrastructure component design and manufacturing, Intel focuses on technology innovations that enable safer, healthier, and greener environments across the globe. To fuel its innovation efforts, Intel runs its own global infrastructure that includes 16 datacenter sites with 56 datacenter modules, hosting more than 380,000 servers, more than 3.6 million cores, 787PB of storage capacity, and more than 725,000 network ports. About 95% of the servers within this massive infrastructure deployment are used for chip design in high-performance computing and 3% are used for traditional enterprise and office workloads, while the remaining 2% are used in the manufacturing computing space, which includes fabrication and assembly test manufacturing plants.

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Cases for Operator-Owned and Managed Infrastructure: Interviews with Three Leading Companies

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