Why companies must transform

Cloud transformation is the key enabler of digitalization, the pinnacle of modern technology that empowers businesses to work smarter and faster so they can become more competitive. How? A digital enterprise has better data and more incisive analytics, improved collaboration, and streamlined operations. Its people can work whenever, wherever, and however they want. But, to harness the power of digitalization, IT must first transform to the cloud.

Preparing for a cloud transformation

To reach their digitalization goals, CIOs are driving major initiatives like secure cloud transformation. But, delivering positive business outcomes is often more difficult than simply embracing the latest technologies for zscaler. The mobile workforce and cloud initiatives like Office 365, zero trust, and SD-WAN can transform your business, but it’s important to anticipate the impact these changes can have on your network and your IT teams.

The progression of a cloud-first enterprise

In the cloud world, user experience is king, cutting costs is a necessity, and reducing the demands of an aging appliance infrastructure is a must. cloud transformation to become a cloud-first organization, your applications, network, and security must transform.

What are the five requirements of a security cloud?

Born in the cloud –

Leading SaaS companies build their own platforms. Trust your traffic to a multi-tenant platform—with the strongest SLAs and certifications—that can scale to your demands.

Service edge cloud –

Avoid centralized services on public clouds. Policy enforcement and peering should be as close to user and app as possible to achieve the fastest user experience.

SSL inspection at scale –

Only proxies can do full inspection at scale. A platform that can fully inspect SSL without an impact on performance or costly compromises will provide the best protection.

Operational excellence –

There’s no substitute for experience. Look for a proven vendor with a history of running a  mission-critical platform for hundreds of Forbes Global 2000 companies.

Zero trust network access –

Zero trust starts with the right architecture. Instead of segmentation, minimize risk with an architecture that never puts the user on the network in the first place.

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The CIO’s guide to secure cloud transformation

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