Executive Summary

Research consistently points out the benefits of moving from on-premise solutions to a cloud-based platform. Cost savings top the list of reasons, with the cloud eliminating the need for expensive on-site equipment and maintenance.This is closely followed by reliability, thanks to redundant data centers, ease of use, and faster deployments; improved security, and smoother upgrades.

Although this is a general description of the benefits of cloud solutions, it’s important to consider that not all cloud solutions are the same. Therefore, the advantages business hope to receive from switching from an onpremise system to a cloud solution can vary greatly. This is based on how their vendor deploys their platform, and whether or not they’re able to deploy a true cloud solution.

For businesses looking to move their communications to the cloud, not choosing a true cloud solution exposes them to a host of problems, including low call quality (latency and jitter), higher reliability issues, additional costs, and potential security issues. These predicaments contribute to a diminished experience for the business, and especially the customers they seek to serve.

This is because cloud-washed solutions are simply hosted in virtualized data centers. On the other hand, true cloud solutions are hosted off-site and offer consistent, automated upgrades, and follow a multitenant architecture. They also provide selfservice, autoscaling, and usage-metering capabilities, all of which follow the definition provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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True Cloud Solutions vs. Traditional On-Premise Systems

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