When mixed workloads are managed on separate physical infrastructures, things can get complicated fast–but in a hyperconverged infrastructure, operational and management overhead become simpler.

Deploy, Manage, and Monitor Mixed Workloads on VMware vSAN

Consolidate workloads within a single cluster on vSAN infrastructure

VMware vSAN™ provides hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for administrators and application owners to deploy and run their solutions tailored to the needs of the application. vSAN has been proven to accommodate various workloads; businesscritical applications such as Oracle, Exchange, and SAP; as well as virtual desktop infrastructure and remote office/branch office with both performance and high availability considerations. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous applications can be consolidated within a single cluster on the vSAN platform, which simplifies management, improves operational flexibility, optimizes resource utilization, and reduces TCO.

Why mixed workloads on a single vSAN cluster?
Mixed workloads are usually managed using separate physical infrastructures based on the type of workload. Consolidating these mixed workloads on a single vSAN cluster helps minimize both operational and management overhead during the workload deployment and maintenance stages. Different workload virtual machines (VMs) can achieve VMware vSphere® vMotion® within a single larger vSAN datastore, with better flexibility and efficiency for VMware vSphere High Availability implementation. A single vSAN cluster also helps multiple workloads to be managed under the unified vSAN data services. With the one-time setup for vSAN data-at-rest encryption, the workload VMs and user data are consistently protected.

Agility through storage policy-based management
Storage policy-based management (SPBM) allows for an administrator to manage their storage-related settings on a per-VM basis, or even a per-virtual disk basis, and at an application level. Tailored for different demands of mixed workloads, each VM or virtual disk could be assigned with the specific storage configuration. An administrator can adjust the storage policy seamlessly to accommodate the workload changes at any time and under any circumstances. Multiple workloads may have different requirements of failure levels to tolerate, and the administrator can limit the I/O resource with the storage policy on some of the workload VMs to ensure the performance for other mission-critical applications.

Built-in monitoring for mixed workloads
vSAN provides VMware vRealize® Operations™, a built-in feature within VMware vCenter®, that is easy to deploy and requires no additional licensing:

  • Delivers continuous performance optimization based on intent, efficient capacity management, proactive planning, and intelligent remediation for mixed workloads running on vSAN.
  • Provides a unified management platform with application-to-storage visibility, especially for multiple workloads. 
  • Uses rich analytical tools to reveal hidden issues from the data collected, investigates complex technical problems, identifies trends, and adjusts resource allocation for different workloads. 
  • Frequently suggests corrective actions to help fix problems right away

Scalability plan for mixed workloads
If the existing vSAN cluster is servicing a single workload, it is much easier to scale up or scale out for mixed workloads running on the same cluster. vSAN is designed for close-to-linear scalability, and administrators can plan adding similar workloads with a simple building block methodology. For workloads with different I/O patterns, administrators should plan for both performance and capacity considerations. It is recommended to prioritize the infrastructure resources for business-critical applications, and configure vSphere and vSAN limitations for VMs, wherever applicable.

Mixed workloads on VMware vSAN allow workload consolidation with agility in management, scalability in performance, resiliency in protection, and reduction in TCO. vSAN provides flexible high availability options and rich data services for multiple workloads running on a single cluster. Administrators can easily scale up and scale out for future business demands with vSAN, and achieve balance of performance and protection for different workloads using vSAN SPBM.

Learn how running your workloads through VMware® vSAN™ allows you to consolidate them onto a single cluster for greater efficiency, savings, and improved resource utilization. With policy-based management, built-in monitoring, and rapid scaling, your IT teams will have everything they need to keep applications and services protected and running at peak performance.

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