Over time SAP environments can become large, fragmented and costly to maintain. Unless of course you have a dynamic, optimised and intelligent infrastructure to run your applications on. Faced with the need to migrate to SAP HANA, organisations are having to modernise their infrastructure and workout which deployment model, on premise, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud is best suited to their applications.

Companies also need to decide whether they wish to go with a brand-new S/4HANA implementation, a conversion from an existing ECC to S/4HANA, or else migrate their existing underlying databases to SAP HANA databases.

Dell EMC, together with Intel and SUSE, provides the infrastructure foundation, technical guidance and proven blueprint for migrating to SAP S/4HANA ranging from expert advice, architectural design to a variety of deployment options that include on-premises, off-premises cloud, and hybrid environments. The results are powerful solutions running on Intel® architecture that deliver breakthrough performance optimised for the real world.

Rightsize your SAP data.
Every successful endpoint has a critical beginning. Without effective data management, the benefits of migrating to SAP HANA can be reduced or nullified. Our HANA data analysis service enables Rightsizing4 of your SAP data prior to migration, streamlining data management, speeding-up the process and saving costs.

Reducing costs, from implementation to appliance.
As a general rule, the smaller the size of your required appliances across your SAP landscape, the lower your setup and running costs will be. Streamlined data also reduces migration times, which frees up time and resources. And, with controlled data growth, you preclude the need for memory upgrades and no longer have to worry about running out of space. Less data, after Rightsizing, helps increase data access response times and appliance refresh expectancies.

Modernise your infrastructure with world-leading Dell EMC solutions, powered by Intel, and take your business to the next level.
Once you’ve rightsized your data, it’s time to choose your infrastructure. You can choose from a wide range of Dell EMC Ready Solutions for SAP HANA, based on Intel® technologies, that are carefully designed to streamline SAP environments, reducing complexity and maintenance costs while giving you better performance and investment protection for mission-critical data.

Scale up on your terms
Dell EMC Ready Solution for SAP HANA are built around Dell EMC PowerEdge R940, R940XD and R840 servers, which can be configured with up to 4 x Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which are built for mission-critical, real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, and multi-cloud workloads, and run on multiple operating systems including SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Solutions (SLES). They are designed to start or scale workload specific deployments. These tested and validated solutions are configured for SAP HANA. They provide real-time business analytics and applications in a single server, available in several sizes, each tuned to customer use cases and needs.

  • Flexible – Configure a system to meet specific needs with an agile, multi-sized appliance. Several size options are tuned to use cases and needs with multiple configuration options.
  • Powerful – A rich mix of product components deliver performance, density and power efficiency for both transactional processing and analytics.
  • Scalable – Increase power and performance without rip and replace system upgrades.

Dell EMC Ready Solution
The Dell EMC Ready Solution for SAP HANA based on VxBlock is a rack scale converged infrastructure on Intel® architecture – including servers, data storage, networking, virtualisation and management software – in configurations tested and validated for SAP HANA, and powered by VMware.

  • Accelerate deployment – Flexibility accelerates SAP HANA implementation on a single converged system or separate systems.
  • Scalability – Recent technologies for scale up applications let your customers scale to millions of IOPS and petabytes of data.
  • Simplicity –Converged systems plus lifecycle management mitigate risk and streamline deployment while simplifying overall operations.

Dell EMC collaborates with SAP, Intel and SUSE to deliver best practice solutions.

Dell EMC, working together with Intel and SUSE, has a long history of partnership with SAP to accelerate innovation and IT agility, focused on performance, scalability, availability, reliability and serviceability.

Dell EMC continues to invest in the advanced analytics space, including having a Global SAP Centre of Excellence for greater co-innovation with SAP. Working closely with SAP, Intel®, SUSE and others, we are able to develop solutions that enable faster business processing and data-driven insights, for SAP HANA, S/4HANA, Vora® (in-memory query engine using Apache Spark and Hadoop), Leonardo and Data Hub (data orchestration, governance and data sharing).

The cost of migration can be a major stumbling block for many businesses, however, Dell Financial Services will work together with all organisations to remove those barriers, ensuring that they are able to deploy the correct infrastructure solution for the SAP HANA migration.

Calling on our wealth of leasing and finance options that lower your overall cost and free up budgets for digital transformation, Dell Financial Services can finance not just the Dell EMC components, but also 3rd party software and services, moving the complete project from CapEx to OpEx. Our portfolio of payment solutions can help you acquire the right hardware for your business.

  • Leasing and financing solutions located throughout Europe. 
  • Dell Financial Services that can finance your technology solution. 
  • Electronic quoting and online contracts, offering an efficient purchase experience.

Benefit from the best practice of the Dell EMC migration to SAP HANA.

When it came to seizing back control of basic analytics and reporting, Dell EMC also had to migrate to SAP HANA. 16,000 resources were driving Business Management and Analytics approaches and 80% of time was being spent on data movement, instead of using that precious time to analyse the data for true business insights.

Dell EMC made the move by trusting in Intel® architecture-based standards and the results speak for themselves.

A good start always determines a winning finish, so contact Dell EMC and let’s work together to facilitate a smooth and affordable migration and also work out how to get the best out of your SAP landscape across the entire lifecycle from design and proof of concept, right through to deployment and support.

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