For many organizations, digital transformation (DX) is the most strategically important initiative for the organization and may determine its ability to compete in the coming decade. IDC estimates that 60% of organizations will have created and begun implementation of a digital transformation strategy by 2020. These DX initiatives are designed to take the organization forward as a proactive, data-driven company that uses and monetizes data to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Far from being an IT project, successful DX requires a companywide partnership between the business units and IT. IT transformation (ITX) is a critical supporting element for organizations executing a successful digital transformation. IT transformation provides the organization with the modern IT infrastructure critical for data access — in terms of location, form, and availability — to make digital transformation successful.

IDC research, conducted for this study, found that an average of 48.5% of ITX projects involve data protection changes and improvements designed to enhance data access and availability significantly. Furthermore, almost one-third (31.1%) of the ITX budget is dedicated to data protection on average.

To find out specifically what requirements organizations have for data protection as part of ITX and how Dell EMC solutions fit in, Dell EMC contracted with IDC to conduct a two-part study. For the first part, IDC surveyed more than 1,000 medium-sized and large-scale organizations worldwide. For the second part, IDC conducted in-depth interviews of organizations using Dell EMC Data Protection solutions

to understand their impact on efficiency, data delivery and availability, and cost management. These solutions correlate to the products that organizations might deploy during an ITX project. Dell EMC customers reported substantial improvements in key data protection metrics, thereby reducing their operational risk. In addition, they have lowered data protection costs, ensuring that they can provide   robust data protection services in the context of business growth and IT transformation initiatives. For Dell EMC customers, these benefits yield substantial value, which IDC quantifies as being worth an average of

$218,928 per 100TB per year ($1.98 million per organization), by:

  • Reducing the impact of outages and performance degradation related to data protection activities on employees and business operations and business continuity
  • Improving business confidence, thereby helping address business opportunities and increase revenue
  • Increasing the productivity of IT staff responsible for data protection, freeing up their time to handle other priorities and initiatives
  • Optimizing hardware costs associated with data protection environments through much higher data deduplication capabilities and extended hardware life spans

From this study, we were able to conclude that the top ITX data protection priorities (reduced risk of data loss and reducing costs) were met by the organizations we interviewed that had deployed Dell EMC data protection products.

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The Business Value of Data Protection in IT Transformation