It is important for enterprise organizations looking to modernize their data centers to invest in a storage platform that provides a solid foundation with the performance, availability, and agility to consolidate and modernize current workloads. But of equal importance is the ability to evolve and scale to meet the demands of next-generation and future workload requirements—all while providing streamlined operations at the lowest possible cost.

ESG validated that the latest Hitachi VSP 5000 series storage arrays provide an excellent platform for data center modernization and can be used to extend the useful life of existing storage arrays while providing enhanced data services through virtualization. ESG validated and documented the savings and benefits that the VSP 5000 series can provide organizations through consolidation, improved efficiency, and storage virtualization.


This ESG Economic Validation focused on the quantitative and qualitative benefits that organizations can expect to realize by consolidating and accelerating legacy storage environments with a Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5100 storage array. It also analyzed the total cost of acquisition of a Virtual Storage Platform 5500 as compared to two other competitive enterprise arrays.


Advances in storage technologies over the past decade have provided organizations with specialized solutions aimed at easing individual storage challenges. Unified storage arrays, cost-effective drives, space-efficient technologies like deduplication and compression, cloud gateways, hybrid and all-flash storage, and flash acceleration technologies all presented sensible new options to invest in during recurrent storage refresh periods. While each purchase in its own time helped to optimize an essential need, over time many organizations accumulated numerous point storage solutions from various vendors. This results in increased operational cost and complexity and has become a speedbump on the route to operational efficiency and business agility, which obstructs data center modernization efforts.

As storage administrators are burdened with inefficiently supporting the business with the complex infrastructure that they already have, they are simultaneously tasked with the challenge of deploying new technologies to support innovative business initiatives and adhere to expanding security and compliance initiatives.

ESG’s research echoes this sentiment, as organizations most often identified the biggest issues that they face when deploying and operating technology products and services as complexity in deploying and provisioning new technology, the time required to deploy these technologies, and concerns over providing adequate security and compliance controls.

The challenge of meeting the ever-increasing data storage and access requirements of critical applications must be balanced against the cost of the storage solution. The Enterprise Strategy Group has validated and documented the savings and benefits that the VSP 5000 series can provide organizations.

  • Consolidation – VSP 5000 series provides the capabilities to effectively consolidate multiple current workloads as well as the headroom to support next-generation workloads.
  • Efficiency – VSP 5000 series provides the most capacity and performance for all workloads using storage technologies such as improved storage density, active data reduction, intelligent tiering and dynamic provisioning.
  • Virtualization – SVOS RF virtualization of external storage arrays provides modern data services and extends the life of existing storage arrays by increasing their available capacity, boosting performance, and knocking down storage silos.

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The Economic Benefits of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform